Friday, May 27, 2016

Hosting Mountain Lake Journal this week!

Hosting Mountain Lake Journal in Trinity Park
I enjoyed getting outdoors in the beautiful May weather to host Mountain Lake Journal this week.  It's my first time as guest host since we updated the format of the program.

The show has an arts and Adirondacks theme this week. I did my introductions from Trinity Park, the site where musicians will perform on Friday nights this summer at the Downtown Rising events.  Simon Conroy and Danielle Giordano are organizing these events to showcase produce from local farmers, artwork from regional artists, and music from local bands.

The park also serves as a great spot to catch the progress of a mural creation happening across the street.  "Outside Art:  Plattsburgh Pubic Art Project" has coordinated the painting of a whimsical Adirondack wildlife mural on the brick wall of the Cornerstone Book Shop.  Amy Guglielmo and Julia Devine founded "Outside Art" to beautify Plattsburgh and improve the quality of business and residential life in the city.

Interviewing artist Norman Taber and "Outside Art" Co-director Julia Devine

You'll learn more about the mural and downtown events on the show this week.  Also, Jack LaDuke attended a concert which gave the public a preview of an opera in the works.  The Adirondack Folk Opera will focus on a farm colony near Lake Placid dedicated to giving free African Americans the right to vote, before the dawn of the Civil War.

Finally on the show, naturalist Ed Kanze and producer Josh Clement explore the Avalanche Pass near Lake Placid, to view wonders that are "Curiously Adirondack."

I had a great time producing the show this week while Thom Hallock was on vacation, and I hope you enjoy seeing the results.

Mountain Lake Journal airs Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 10am.

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