Thursday, September 22, 2016

Singer Michael Bacon finds humor in roughing it, Adirondack style.

Musician Michael Bacon and producer Paul Larson relax during takes of the music video for "It's an Adirondack Thing."
The Adirondacks have a brand new anthem, thanks to composer Michael Bacon.  One half of the duo the Bacon Brothers, Michael has been visiting the Adirondacks every summer, to spend a few weeks each year at his family camp. When the Adirondack Museum asked Bacon to sing at the first Music Fest this summer, the performer wrote a new song for the occasion, one that humorously pays tribute to the time he spends roughing it in a camp with no electricity "just to feed that ol' black fly, for three weeks in July."  When his friends ask him why he drives five hours from Manhattan to be away from the Big Apple, he replies with the title of the new song, "It's an Adirondack Thing."  Producer Paul Larson and Cinematographer Daniel McCullum created a music video for the song on Blue Mountain Lake, near the museum.  Enjoy the song, and hear Michael Bacon explain the inspiration behind it, in this Spotlight segment from Mountain Lake PBS.   The segment will have its television premiere tomorrow night on Mountain Lake Journal at 8:00.  You may also enjoy the music video of the song 
Larson and Cinematographer Daniel McCullum collaborated with Bacon on the music video.
An Adirondack forest proved an appropriate backdrop for scenes in the music video.