At work

Everyone has a story to tell. It's my challenge to get people to tell their most compelling stories as the cameras roll during our interview.  I enjoyed interviewing Big Bird on Sesame Street, and artist Francois Escalmel dressed as a character in a painting.  

I enjoy writing all the scripts for Art Express and the "Spotlight" segments on Mountain Lake Journal. The story really takes shape in the script-writing process, where I connect what people say during the interviews to the points I will narrate. 

I voice the narration in the audio booth. 

Magic can happen in the editing room. It's here that I match the words in the script to the visuals on the digital media. I currently edit my shows on a Final Cut Pro system.

After I've completed the script-writing and editing, I get to wear a suit and host the show. I also host PBS pledge evenings and our arts auction.