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I produce "Spotlight," a human-interest segment on the public affairs program Mountain Lake Journal Extra. "Spotlight" shines on people in education, health care, technology and the arts. The segment aims to illuminate the viewers with stories that will brighten their day. Mountain Lake Journal Extra airs every Thursday night at 8:30 on Mountain Lake PBS. Repeat broadcasts: Friday at 6am & 12:30pm, Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 10:30am.

"Art" video games conquer an art gallery in Burlington, Vermont. Curators say the artistic sensibilities of these games will have an increasing influence on the commercial gaming world. 

Elementary school students say Pepper the dog makes a great listener for good books. Reading to the therapy dog gives kids the confidence to read aloud, because Pepper won't correct their mistakes.

Katherine Paterson, author of Bridge To Terabithia, tells our viewers about her efforts to promote literacy as the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature.