Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SPOTLIGHT: Video Games Live!

Tommy Tallarico shows his enthusiasm for a new form of live entertainment, an interactive symphonic concert celebrating the sophisticated scores to video games.  The co-creator of the event talked to me about how this is one orchestral concert that kids will want to go to, and their parents and even grandparents should enjoy the experience as well.  Why did I enjoy conducting this interview?  It's one more example of a significant shift in both the world of entertainment, where video games are providing very tough competition for people's entertainment dollars, and in many cases are winning over movies and music, and in the world of live performances.  The show not only features a live orchestra and choir, but video games appearing on screens, lasers, and audience participation involving game play.  Imagine playing a video game while you're at the symphony!  Live entertainment has been becoming increasingly visual... now it's immersive!  Tommy talks about the PBS special:  Video Games Live!  It airs on Mountain Lake PBS Sunday night at 10:30.  He also is getting ready for the live show at the Bell Centre in Montreal on October 26.  Ticket info is here.

"Spotlight" airs on Mountain Lake Journal Extra this Thursday night at 8:30pm.  Repeat airings include Friday at 6am & 12:30pm, Saturday at 7:30pm, and Sunday at 6am & 10:30am.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SPOTLIGHT: Chris Isaak Exclusive!

Funny, funny guy!  Rock and Pop Star Chris Isaak appears on Skype for the first time ever for our interview. The “Wicked Game” singer and I discussed his musical heroes Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash.  He pays tribute to them on his album “Beyond the Sun.”  Be sure to listen for his exclusive rendition of “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing,” a song made famous by its inclusion in Stanley Kubrick’s movie Eyes Wide Shut. He personalized it to me in a hilarious way.

I always enjoy speaking with someone whose work I admire.  I am a big fan of Chris Isaak's, and can't wait to see him live in concert in Montreal this October.

You may get your concert tickets here at the Mountain Lake PBS BOX OFFICE.     Learn how to meet Chris in person, plus exclusive interviews here at the Mountain Lake PBS Chris Isaak "Spotlight Extra"page.

Enjoy the concert special “Chris Isaak Live! Beyond the Sun” on Mountain Lake PBS. Friday at 11pm / Saturday at 8pm / Sunday at 6pm.  

Our interview appears on the "Spotlight" segment of Mountain Lake Journal Extra this week.  It premieres Thursday, June 7 at 8:30pm. Repeat airings include Friday at 6am & 12:30pm, Saturday at 7:30pm, and Sunday at 6am & 10:30am.

Chris Isaak photo courtesy of PBS Pressroom.