Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Bacon Brothers Interview!

     Michael and Kevin Bacon are great guys to meet, and I enjoyed hearing their stories about performing music in the band The Bacon Brothers.  I'm happy to share these stories with you in two separate TV pieces that premiere tonight.  
     The first airs on Mountain Lake Journal.  It contains a lot of little-known information about Emmy-award winning composer Michael and accomplished film actor Kevin.  People living in the Adirondack region and all our PBS viewers should find it particularly interesting, as it shows the links the two of them have to both the Adirondack Park and PBS television.  The ties are strong!  Mountain Lake Journal times are:  Thursday at 8pm, Friday at 5:30 am and 12pm, Saturday at 7pm, and Sunday at 5:30am and 10am.
     Then it's onto the main feature story, a ten-minute piece on the program Borderless North about the origins of the Bacon Brothers band, their commitment to music, and how they balance work with the band with their busy schedules.  Kevin is currently starring in a TV series, and Michael composes the orchestral score for feature films and documentaries.  Borderless North times are:  Thursday at 8:30pm, Friday at 6am and 12:30pm, Saturday at 7:30pm, and Sunday at 6am and 10:30am.  
     For Bacon Brothers videos, their Adirondack-themed public service announcements, and even a radio interview with Michael, head to our special Bacon Brothers page:

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