Monday, April 19, 2010

Tiffany Glass

SPOTLIGHT this week: The Tiffany glass exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts began as a project to showcase eighteen Tiffany windows recently acquired by the museum. The institution inherited these treasures when it purchased the church next door. The church will eventually become part of the Canadian Art Pavillion, and will house the restored Tiffany windows in its music hall. In the meantime, Canadians and travelers have the rare opportunity to view these marvelous works of leaded glass up close, much closer than one could see them high up in the church environment. The "Tiffany Glass, A Passion for Color "exhibition grew to include Tiffany works housed in France, Russia and the U.S. For me, the highlight was the extrememly rare sight of two works hung side by side: A Toulouse Lautrec watercolor hosed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, hanging next to the Tiffany window based on the watercolor, housed in Paris. That window usually does not cross the ocean, and seeing the two together becomes an art "event." The exhibition lasts until May 2 of this year. "Spotlight" airs on Mountain Lake Journal Extra Thursday night at 8:30 on Mountain Lake PBS. It repeats on Friday at 6am and 12:30pm, Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 10:30am.

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